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Welcome to our modern dentistry clinic. The design of our clinic combines elements of classic and contemporary themes of art and science. This is illustrated through the Fibronacci spiral design in the ceiling to the gallery of photographic artwork by Dr. Mike Zhou and scientific sketches by Leonardo da Vinci in the hallway.


Upon arrival at our clinic, patients are warmly greeted by our friendly receptionist. If it is your first visit, you may be required to complete some new patient forms. Afterwards, patients can relax in our patient lounge where they can enjoy watching television, browsing the internet, or reading a magazine or newspaper over a cup of coffee, tea, or water while waiting for their appointment.

On your way to the operatories, you will pass by our state-of-the art 3D CT-scan x-ray machine and our hospital grade sterilization centre.

Our operatories are all enclosed, offering patient privacy. All operatories are equipment with digital x-rays, two 4K televisions for patient education and entertainment, a comfortable patient chair, and other modern dental equipment and instruments.

Our office is also very kid’s friendly. In the patient lounge we have a kid’s play area with toys and iPads. Both Dr. Zhou and Dr. Montague have years of experience working with children and are extremely patient and gentle. After completing the appointment, every child will receive tokens to play our toy crane machine to win a prize (guaranteed!) as a reward for being so good. This is a unique experience to our dental clinic that always leaves our child patients with a smile on their faces!

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